About Us

Nick and Debra welcome you to Dower Wellness, where this husband wife team offers a variety of alternative health solutions.   Their base of operation is in Lancaster PA where they provide modalities including yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and massage.  Both Debra and Nick are licensed professionals who have helped many individuals with conditions from chronic pain to emotional distress.

~ Alternative styles of wellness provide an opportunity for people to enhance their mind-body-spirit connection and attune their resonance with the rhythm of nature. ~



How we approach wellness...

We believe that by reducing the suffering of those around us by using ancient and modern medical theories, we are amplifying a ripple of positivity. 

We believe that the implementation of appropriate restorative movement programs for our clients can create new visions and gives new meaning to life.  

We believe in continuously building and connecting a community of healthy people to spread joy and love. 

We believe in gently redirecting lifestyle choices, nutrition for example, in order to perpetuate compassion towards oneself, ones community, and the natural environment.

We believe in discipline and tenacity when it comes to incorporating wellness practices such as meditation. 

We believe in taking time to rest and meeting transitions in life with grace and wisdom.