Structural Integration

Structural Integration invites you to become more in tune with the rhythm of your body, while promoting a balanced fluid dance within.   Debra has trained with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains in a Structural Integration modality known as Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI).  KMI assists in unveiling possible structural patterns that may be causing difficulties and discomfort.  She hopes to work in collaboration with her clients to improve movement, function, body awareness as well as to re-align them physically, structurally; perhaps even emotionally and spiritually.  


What to Expect

Each session will begin with an extensive evaluation where you are dressed in a two piece bathing suit, or undergarments in order for Debra to discover the balances and imbalances in your body.  This may be done by walking or other simple movements in order for you both to observe restrictions and patterns.  After discussing these findings together, Debra will come up with a plan for the session that is specifically tailored for you and your body.  During the treatment you may be required to move in a specific way, in order to gain the reorganization and glide of the tissue that is desired. 


  • KMI 12 Series
    • This is a systematic approach to realigning the body in 12 steps.  Each session has a particular plane of the individual clients body in mind.  This consists of 12 sessions that are 1 week to 1 month apart in order to allow the client to integrate into the new options their physical form is given.  When the physical self is re-aligned, so too is the energetic self.
  • KMI 3 series
    • This is recommended after the 12 series has been completed as a way to remind the client of the new place they have found in the being.  This will likely not be necessary for 6 months to a year after the completion of the 12 series.
  • One off session
    • This is an option if some injury or discomfort has come to light after the 12 series has been completed.

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