Nick and Debbie have been instructors and facilitators of human biology and integrative health modalities for over 10 years!  They believe that education is the central pillar for building a community that is knowledgable and proactive when approaching health and wellness.  Currently, they are teaching at:


At Ananda, Nick and Debra train some of the therapists in Elemental Movement, which is a movement practice developed by Nick and Debbie that blends the philosophical constructs of Chinese Medicine with various forms of movement (yoga, calisthenics, partner fitness, etc).  Debra also trains all of the incoming manual therapists in Structural Integration.  Nick holds regular Acro (acroyoga, partner acrobatics, etc) classes at Ananda.  Click the image above to learn more about other classes that are held at Ananda (pilates, meditation, etc).


Both Nick and Debbie teach Anatomy and Physiology to manual therapists at the Lancaster School of Massage (LSM).  Click the image above to learn more about LSM.  


Nick in an instructor of Anatomy and Physiology along with Holistic Health for Nursing at the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.  


At Lancaster General, Debbie is teaching a gentle yoga class at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute (ABBCI) every Wednesday from 4:00 - 5:00 pm for patients and family/friends of patients at ABBCI.